LLC “Energy 2000” was founded in 2008 by people who are not indifferent to agriculture, with extensive experience in this field. “Energy 2000” is one of the leading companies for growing crops in the region. The company is growing rapidly, increasing the volume of production, constantly upgrading machinery, applying new technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops. In 2008, the cultivated area comprised 340 hectares. Today it covers 2500 hectares of arable land, as well as 100 hectares of sweet cherry and raspberry garden. Sweet cherry is a trademark of the region where the enterprise is located, specifically the South of Ukraine. Sweet cherry from Melitopol has conquered Europe long ago, which is confirmed by the fact that there is a Melitopol cherry shop in Paris, which has already operated there before the First World War. The company specializes in the cultivation of such crops as wheat, sunflower, coriander, mustard, soy, flax, chickpeas and others. Wheat is used by the company for its own needs, as it has its own mill complex with a bakery Other products of “Energy 2000” are sold in domestic and foreign markets. The company is interested in new partnerships in the European market.